13 tips to help you sell your real estate in Lake Norman, in the winter

13 tips to help you sell your real estate in Lake Norman, in the winter

Maybe winter is not the best time to sell a home, but that does not mean it is impossible, especially when you have successful counseling.

As you will see below, the 13 tips do not imply extra costs or substantial effort on your part. Everything, you see, is a matter of ambiance.

  1. No ice, no snow

Perhaps the best advice offered by lakerealty.com is the simplest: If access to the property put on sale is hampered by snow or ice, the likelihood of that property being sold decreases. This means that the first step in increasing your chances of selling is cleaning the alleys that lead to snow or ice. Just as you cut the grass in front of a summer house to keep it looking neat, so also in winter you have to remove the “obstacles” specific to the season. If you do not live in the house offered for sale or the difficult weather makes it impossible for you to clean your snow near the property personally, you can hire a specialized firm to do so.

  1. Encourage buyers with warmth

If you get buyers in the winter, you have to make your home look warmer, more welcoming and comfortable as possible.

A simple way to make any potential buyer visiting your property feel comfortable is to make sure your home is adequately heated. If you have an electric fireplace, turn it on before the buyers visit – it will offer a charming ambiance.

  1. Take advantage of natural light

If your program allows you, try to get buyers during the day. At this time of the year, if you receive buyers’ visits after completing the service, you will not be able to take advantage of natural light.

The basic idea is to make the house as bright as possible. Open curtains, clean all lamps, chandeliers, wall brackets, and replace the bulbs with others as bright as possible. Enlighten all the lights before going home with the visitors.

If you still need to present your property during the evening, make sure the entrance is illuminated properly. If you are accustomed to going down a dark alley to the door of the house, there is a good chance that the same thing will not be as comfortable for buyers. See more here.

  1. Clean the windows

We each act by first impressions, be it another person or real estate. This first impression is also significant when buying a new home. So make sure your house windows are clean. In the eyes of buyers, dirty windows could indicate poor home maintenance.

  1. Music … ambient

When it comes to presenting a home, care for details like this will be rewarded. As I said at the beginning of the article, it is essential to create a pleasant ambiance. Classical music is a good choice. Adjust the sound to a very low level so that it sounds slow in the background.

  1. Like home …

Try to make sure buyers want to live in your home. Small details such as a fluffy blanket placed on an armchair or the couch are as discrete as they are useful.

  1. Put the positive things to good use

If your home location is near the main road that is always cleaned in the winter, tell them to buyers. What is important to you is also famous for prospective owners of that home.

  1. A festive atmosphere

Even if you do not even present your property, it is essential to treat your buyers as if they were your guests. Prepare a plate of cookies or hot tea. You will be surprised at the substantial impact these small gestures will generate.

  1. Be careful to spread a pleasant smell in the house

Whether you use a cinnamon or vanilla essence or you fill your home with a scent of ripe pear, the effect will surely be noticed. However, do not exaggerate. If you put scented candles in each room, visitors might wonder what scent you are trying to mask.

Take care of the unpleasant smells that you may have become accustomed to. The smell of pets or smoke can be impregnated in drapes, carpets or sofas. Make an olfactory “test” with your knowledge or your real estate consultant before receiving buyers’ visits. Then clean, ventilate and replace the mats or curtains “guilty” of the unpleasant smell.

  1. Protect your investment

Some sellers or real estate counselors who are dealing with the presentation of property will ask the buyers either to disqualify or to put their disposable shoe on the footwear. Many buyers are delighted with this detail. It is an indication of the meticulousness and care of the home in question.

  1. Use winter to your advantage

In the winter, when the trees are deserted, you can take advantage of the view that is not so obvious during the spring and summer months. Use every advantage you have. Also, any seasonal decoration can draw attention to your home.

Useful reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate

  1. Consider the area you are in.

If you are in a ski region or a protected area of ​​extreme weather conditions, winter can be a good time for sale. We hope you enjoy the winter and of fresh snow and that you will have a successful deal. If you need support and advice for buying or selling a home, we invite you to trust Welt Imobiliare.o are

When you are preparing to buy a house in Brasov, besides the standard criteria, regarding the area, the state of the building, the land, the surface, etc. an important aspect is the quality of the neighbors. Therefore, in documenting and visiting sessions with potentials, it is also advisable to include discrete questions about neighbors in the conversation.

At the time of purchase, you should have an overview of your neighbors in order to determine a starting point for a good understanding. A group of neighbors forming a community has a positive impact on the street or neighborhood. Why? We are still clear.

A good neighbor respects his property

The state of the house and courtyard can show if your neighbors have potential. A neat house and a well-kept yard say a lot about human quality. So, if you do not have other clues, evaluate from this perspective. In the long run, this behavior will also influence you and lead you to the regular and orderly maintenance of property.

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