Month: January 2016

The Dangers of Not Repairing Your Damaged Roof

The Dangers of Not Repairing Your Damaged Roof

There are many things within a home that the owners need to upkeep for the house to stay in good condition. One of the most important areas to maintain is the state of the roof. Roofs are susceptible to weather situations like heavy rains, accumulating snow and ice, high gusty winds and even lightning strikes. Over time, significant storms, high heat from a hot sun and cold chilling temperatures can all wreak havoc on the material used in the roof’s construction. Many older homes still have roof shingles made from a material that is coated with a tarry layer. These shingles are more prone to damage than other sturdier roofing materials.

Those that have these types of shingles on their roofs need to inspect the roof often and especially after a major storm event. Since the roof is often hard to access for most people, things might get missed for long periods of time. If a high wind storm ripped off parts of the roofing shingles, water from rain or melted snow could then potentially get under the roof. This moisture can begin to erode the actual wooden frame of the house. As cracks and openings arise, this moisture can then go further into the attic or top floor of a home.

These are just some of the many dangers that not timely repairing damage to your roof can cause. Moisture that is trapped in an airless area such as an attic might then be susceptible to mold growth in just a short period of time. This occurs if mold spores are present and the conditions are right for this fungal species to thrive. Many attics are unused unless just used for storage. It could be a long time before anyone inside of the home notices these problems.

When homeowners need to find reputable companies that promise qualified roofing repair Minneapolis geographical region, they typically pick a place that has a good word-of-mouth reputation. Sometimes, homeowners will ask a neighbor that had their roof repaired recently who the company was that handled the work. Another way to locate reliable roofing contractors able to perform the type of roofing repair that a homeowner needs is to search the Internet for local contractors in the area. Most larger or long-term businesses will have a website detailing their services. These sites often provide customer reviews that prospective customers can read.

It is crucial to get a damaged roof repaired quickly by a competent roofing repair and inspection contractor. If a homeowner doesn’t know the condition of their roof, they should call a professional roofing contractor to have it inspected. During this inspection, the roofing expert will climb up and check out the entire roof including those vulnerable seams where damage can easily begin. The inspector will likely also check out the attic or uppermost level of the home to assess whether there is any damage on the inside. Find out the condition of your roof and make any necessary repairs.