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Benefits of Removing Weed From the Lake.

A lot of problems arise when there is too much weed growing on the lake. It is advisable in this case to take the necessary and required measures. The safety of the lake will surely remain safe. Lake plants are very vital to the life of the lake. This is why you have to ensure that you use controls to achieve balance. You can choose which control will work for you and the environment. You may prefer to use mechanical control. This is advisable because it doesnt release anything harmful to the environment. Weed removal enhances immediate removal of unwanted plants. These are the ones that interfere with navigation. They also tend to greatly interfere with recreation of water ecosystems.

Weed removal ensures that important activities keep progressing. Peoples legs and arms could be entangled by weeds when they are swimming. People who experience this might be scared of swimming for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of benefits associated with swimming. Irrigation is greatly aided through good provision of water. This is very helpful to farmers who dont have much access to water. Removing weed from the lake gives space needed for growth to other important plants. Plants and animals in the water get oxygen supply they greatly require. All living things require oxygen to keep living. The plants that are not removed during weeding provide homes for certain animals. Lack of sufficient oxygen leads to death of fish. Business deteriorates greatly due to this.

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Weed removal helps get rid of biomass in the water environment. Biomass contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These biomass compounds are very harmful when released in the lakes. The biomass ends up consuming oxygen through decomposition. It then releases the oxygen into the water which improves growth of more weeds. These chemicals hide in the weeds. You need to get rid of the weeds inorder to get rid of the chemical compounds. Ensure you leave some plants behind when weeding. These help in absorbing polluting nutrients. These nutrients help plants grow.

Weed removal in lakes greatly improves fishing activities. Fishing boats are slowed down by weeds when fishing. In the case where you are using a fishing rod, it may be pulled down by weeds. Removal of weed from lakes helps maintain a beautiful appearance of the lake.

Weeds kill the outward look of a lake. Increased population of weeds changes how a lake naturally looks. This is due to the fact that the color of the water changes. Removal of weed greatly reduces malaria cases. This is because weeds slow down water movement and circulation. This makes water stagnant. This becomes a home to mosquitoes. This leads to increased malaria cases which ends up killing a lot of people.

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