Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

There are many assumptions that electronic cigarettes are also bad, not like traditional cigarettes, but that they also have bad effects. It is true that many tests have been made to check if you can use e-cigs, how much can you use it, and who can use it. These tests were usually made by the companies that want to get their products to the market.

People that think more about it are guessing they could make the tests pass what they need to get on the market, but that not everything was released. But, there are many agencies that are not related to the industry that has done the tests.

Also, it depends on the company and the model, how strong is it. Doing research is the first thing you should do when something can affect your health. You should always choose the best models because the quality is better.

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How healthy are electronic cigarettes?

Because the nicotine is the reason why smokers are still smoking, many of them said that nicotine in electronic cigarettes is way better than traditional. In traditional cigarettes, you can find over 4000 bad chemicals, and also over 60 carcinogens.

Experienced people in this filed say that when vaping there are less bad chemicals. Besides, second-hand smoke, which affects non-smokers and smokers, is surely safer. For many decades scientists tried to teach people how bad actually smoking is, and now they are concern that electronic cigarettes can promote smoking and get its fame back.

A bad thing that happens with these devices is leakage. When it happens with a nicotine flavor in it, it can lead to very bad health problems. While nicotine replacement therapy products like patches and gum have been rigorously judged for safety and efficiency, no assessment of electronic cigarettes has been engaged. Besides nicotine, there are also some e-liquids that are dangerous.

Top cig-a-like electronic cigarettes

Mig Cig Basic is a model that every starter should try when beginning to vape. It is very small compared to other models, but it can hold about 300 puffs before it needs to be charged again. The battery has 280mAh which is basic for this type of e-cigs, and in the starter kit, you will get five cartridges.

Blu Plus is a very recognizable brand of electronic cigarettes. Designers have done a great job even if the standard for cig-a-likes is almost the same for everyone. When you get the kit you will get three tobacco cartridges that go to 2.4% and a charger. It is very simple to use, and you will have a feeling of smoking classic cigarette.

Epuffer Magnum Snaps looks as same as a pack of cigarettes when it is in its charging case, that attracts lots of users because of the design and add to that it is very durable and you can charge it where ever you are going. And that charging case is what makes it different from other models.

Top refillable electronic cigarettes

Vaporesso Revenger is something unique in the vaping industry because of the futuristic design it has. It has curvey corners so the grip can be easier on your hand and it comes in blue, red, and black color. What makes it different than all e-cigs is the display that shows you all the data you need to know when smoking. The power ranges from 5W to 220W that place is among the strongest vaporizers. If you value design this is model to go with. Read more on this page.

If you work in the harsh area but you still like to smoke Geekvape Aegis is the best in the business. You can always find videos where you can see this model going through all kind of durability tests. This also means it is waterproof and shockproof. It also has a display with information about the device.

Original Smok Alien is something new from the Smok company, and it is among the best quality products with a maximum power of 220W. It produces a lot of smoke, so you can also make it interesting. Besides the basic information on the OLED display, you can also see how long you have been smoking.

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