Check For Companies That Drug Test And Find Out Why Do They Do It?

Check For Companies That Drug Test And Find Out Why Do They Do It?

As the primary part of the application process, job applicants will be required for alcohol and drug use. Of course, everything depends on state law as well as company policy, which means that employers have to make a plan and say to employees that there is going to be a drug test.

In states where the law permits random tests, employers can also randomly decide to test anyone for alcohol and drugs in the workplace. There are numerous employment-related alcohol and drug tests that employers use.

If you want to check the list of companies that conduct drug tests you should visit this website: There are many types of drug tests available on the market such as urine drug test, blood test, hair follicle drug test, breath alcohol test, sweat drug screen, and saliva drug screens.

Pre-Employment Alcohol And Drug Screening

Employers can test anyone as the part of pre-employment hiring process. At the same time, due to law regulations, it can test employees for alcohol and drug use under specific circumstances.

Hiring can be problematic if you do not pass a test. Of course, laws vary from state to state, and in some states, there are limits on how and when drug tests can happen. In some areas, laws require drug testing an application process.

If you want to start working anywhere regulated by U.S. Department Of Transportation, you will have to conduct drug tests on a regular basis because of federal and state drug testing requirements. Click here to check laws on employee drug testing.

Employers can also randomly test employees, but they have to be consistent in how they are testing applicants. They cannot selectively test some applicants while other not. It is all or nothing.

Company Drug Test Policies

Most companies will test job applicants for alcohol and illegal drug use as the hiring process. At the same time, employees have the ability to screen you for either alcohol or drug use in areas where it is not permitted by law.

You should review a drug policy of your company before you start working for them. That way, you will be able to prepare yourself for everything that could happen along the way.

Substance Abuse Regulations

According to state and federal laws, there are guidelines on policies that employers can make regarding substance abuse in the workplace. Employers can easily prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs and conduct test for current use and fire anyone who engages in illegal drug use.

However, employees with substance abuse issues have protection by state and federal laws that regulate disabilities and discrimination. Of course, this is problematic, because some people can be positive on a test during the work time even though they used something during the free time.

The main issue arises when it comes to cannabis because people who frequently consume it can have it in the system for months without the possibility to cleanse your body.

Passing Drug Test

Employees will have to engage in drug test from time to time, but before hiring it is mandatory. Employers can also test you for alcohol and drugs in the workplace based on the company’s policies and state law you live in.

The best way to make sure that you can pass the drug test is to avoid using anything at all. Of course, there are other ways too. Visit this website: to learn how to do it.

Company Drug Testing And Legal Cannabis

We live in the world that started to let the chains down when it comes to smoking marijuana and weed. Due to various health benefits, the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical use started to widen especially across the USA.

However, consuming legal marijuana and going to work and getting caught with a positive test at work is complicated because the federal government hasn’t legalized marijuana yet. Some states have legislation that protects medical marijuana users, while others not.

For instance, New York’s Compassionate Care Act tells us that employees should be protected against moving and other things going on at the workplace. If you get a medical marijuana prescription, the New York state will consider you as disabled under Human Rights Law.

Blood Tests

A blood drug test is not that common due to an invasive procedure, but it can show your employer not just what you used but how much you used it too. It can measure the number of drugs and alcohol in your system in the real time.

You should have in mind that drugs that will appear in standardized blood test include cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamines, marijuana, nicotine, opiates, and alcohol.

However, most employers neglect it because it is more expensive than urine drug test and requires more personnel, and some employees could think of it as too invasive procedure.

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