Modern and Contemporary Furniture are not the Same

Before picking modern furniture Miami, it is important to know that contemporary and modern future are different. This fact will help a person avoid picking the wrong furniture type when decorating a room. Picking the wrong furniture style is possible when not familiar with a particular time period. For example, traditional furniture features a lot of cherry and mahogany rich wood finishes and a lot of patterns.

Contemporary Furniture is In Style Now

Contemporary furniture is defined as anything that follows the current trend. So the style isn’t tied to a certain time period as with traditional furniture. A person can buy a contemporary piece of furniture that was designed in 2005 or 2018. It does features a very eclectic style. For example, it may include odd shaped furniture or finishes with natural elements such as cedar and stone.

The furniture often includes clean lines. The key element of contemporary furniture is the comfort level. This furniture is envisioned and made with the thought of people lounging around and being comfortable.

Modern Furniture is Also Called Mid Century Modern

Modern furniture comes from the time period directly after World War 2. This design style is sometimes called the Modernist or just Mid-Century Modern. The Modernist movement has its origin in the Bauhaus school that was against all ornate designs. It is easy to pick out this type of furniture because of its geometric, clean lines. The furniture is sleek and stylish. Curves and patterns are not found in modern furniture. In fact, solid colors dominate modern furniture.

Another difference between contemporary and modern is the latter focuses on functionality, not comfort. So, sofas that are overstuffed and feature a wood trim is not a modern furniture piece. Instead, a person will notice furniture with a lot of molded plywood and plastic.

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Is Contemporary Furniture Raised Off the Floor?

No. Modern furniture, which often has polished metal too, is raised off the follow. This allows for the decor to have the airy feel. It also goes with the modern design, which includes white walls and an open floor plan.

Features to Remember When Buying Modern Furniture

Contemporary furniture does embrace some of the same design principles of modern furniture designs. Don’t be fooled. One furniture made in the modern era or replicated to fit that time will have distinct features like:

1. Smooth surfaces
2. Straight angles
3. Sweeping curves
4. Neutral colors, which may include vivid accents
5. Wrought iron and wood used in the furniture
6. Focuses on function, not style or comfort

Modern Furniture is was Designed to Fit the Period from 1920s to 1950s

When picking furniture, look for pieces that fit the modern style of the ‘20s and ‘50s. Contemporary furniture is forever changing. It is updated with today’s style and isn’t exclusive to any certain period. Modern will include a lot of the natural materials like teak, wood and leather. Contemporary furniture will include a lot of materials used today like reclaimed wood or cedar.