When to Fix a Leaky Roof

During a rainstorm, one of the worst things that can happen is to find that your roof has begun to leak. A leaky roof is a problem that many homeowners face and is a challenge to get repaired. It can be a financial nightmare for most. But, not all roof repairs need to be expensive. Sometimes a simple patch to the roof will do the job. There are other types of damage to roofs that can be very expensive though. If you have skylights installed in your roof, they could begin to leak. Not only would you then have to find home window replacement Merrillville IN, but a roofing contractor as well to repair any damage there from the leaky window. A water leak from a faulty skylight can cause a lot of damage to your roof if not repaired in a timely fashion.

Roofing contractors or Roofers as they are commonly known, are easy to find in your neighborhood. Look in your phone book under Roofers and there will be a number of companies you can call. They can come to your home and access the damage and let you know whether you can put a patch in or if you need to replace the entire roof. Replacing the entire roof involves a lot of work and will take a period of time to complete. This is also the most expensive route you can take. But, if the damage was done in a certain way, your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of the repairs. Your contractor would know this information and will work with you and your insurance company to get payment.

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When it is necessary to replace your roof, you will want to have a good repair team to work with. They should provide you with an estimate of the work to be done and what you can expect from them. They can also tell you what other services you may need to get in order to complete the work such as hiring a dumpster to put the roofing materials removed into.

Once the work has been started you can expect a lot of interruption in your daily routine. They will begin by removing all of the old roofing material. This could take several days depending on the size of your roof. Once all of the old material has been removed, they will check the wood underneath to see if any of it has damage and needs replacement. If it does, this could be an additional cost to your estimate and will take them time to do. Once that has been taken care of, they will lay sheets of tar paper on the roof and secure it with staples. Then, the finish product is laid on top of that. All of this work should be completed within the time frame you originally received from them.

Roofing materials are normally guaranteed for 25 or more years. Your investment in a new roof is well worth it and is money well spent.