Why You Should Choose Wooden Frames Over the Alternatives

You will probably want to compare timber frames to the alternatives before setting up a timber structure. None of the building materials is inherently better than the other. It all depends on the preferences and requirements of a home builder as well as factors such as constraints to the site and location. Below are a few comparisons between a timber frame structure and masonry house.

Quick Build Time

Building a timber structure is quicker than a brick masonry house. In fact, a builder can pre-cut and modulate timber frames Sydney to increase precision and speed up construction. Moreover, less time is needed to clear debris. In short, wooden structures are far quicker to build compared to metal or stone houses. As such, both commercial and residential property owners can save a lot of money and time by using timber frames. You also need little or no specialized skills to erect a wooden structure.

Maintenance and Durability

Wood is a highly durable construction material. In fact, a well-structured timber structure can last longer. Moreover, the cost of maintaining a wooden structure is far lower than stones and metal buildings.

Energy Efficient

The use of timber frames helps a homeowner to minimize energy consumption. For example, research has shown that timber and wood frames are more energy-efficient than concrete and steel buildings. Over time, wooden structures have increased in popularity as more homeowners go green.

Great Insulation

Wooden frames are natural insulators, and homeowners can use them to reduce energy needs. It allows more insulation space than steel and brick buildings. In fact, it has natural thermal insulation properties that help control room temperature. You require less energy to cool or heat a well insulated home. That helps minimize the use of fossil fuel. Moreover, timber frames contain tiny air pockets that help reduce energy consumption and build energy-efficient homes.

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Wooden structures have been around for quite some time. Wood frames are renewable and sustainable building materials. Moreover, timber matures quickly than builders demand it. As such, wood is a readily available building material. In fact, you don’t have to travel miles away from your home to buy wooden frames. Timber frames are often close to where they are produced. Wooden frames help promote local economies and reduce the energy consumed transporting construction materials long distance. Wood frames are a few of the construction equipment made of natural material. Timber is also safe to touch and handle and doesn’t allow toxic chemicals to leak into your house. That means a wooden structure gets stronger as it ages.


Wooden frames are versatile, and one can use them in many ways. The fact that wooden frames are light makes them easier to assemble and install. Moreover, the endless possibilities of wooden frames make them the right choice for construction. A home constructed using timber frames has unmatched technical and physical properties. Sustainable wooden structures are the best construction materials in today’s eco-friendly environment.